Homebrewing 101: Learn to Homebrew

Homebrewing 101: Learn to Homebrew

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This is our beginners homebrewing course.  The course is limited to the first 6 people.  This course will last between 3 and 4 hours as we will be brew an extract batch as a part of the course.

What we cover:

1. Brewing Method -- Not only will we cover the most basic parts of the homebrewing process, but we will talk a bit about each stage in the brewing process.

2. Brewing Equipment-- From stove top brewing to all grain, we discuss the equipment and cost needed to do each.

3.  Brewing ingredients -- Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast, we will discuss each, and the part they play in the process.

4.  Bottling

Each participant will receive a $20 credit towards any new equipment kit that is valid up to 1 month from the class date.  Classes run on Saturday morning beginning promptly at 10:00 am at our location 3800 Reynolda Rd Suite 110, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.  Sign up today!